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About Our Company

Since 2002,
we have been providing top-class
tailored cleaning services and solutions.

We have been a renowned cleaning facility service since 2002, where 100% of our projects have been an utmost success. Let it be adding colour to your property, creating a spectacular atmosphere to your office, standardizing the service of your healthcare center through cleanliness or making your study area upstanding, we can guarantee a perfect service with the best of knowledge and high tech equipment.

Our employees have been given the most exceptional training to give you the best service that goes that extra mile which makes you rely on us for our capabilities and your comfort. Enjoy that easement and have a hazel free life and let us do it for you and make you awed about our standards.

Success Story

In today’s economy, many business owners are looking for ways to save money. Many save by doing their own building cleaning or having staff perform the cleaning tasks themselves. What they don’t realize is that the time that is spent cleaning a building takes away precious time that could be used to create more revenue for the business.

Our advanced technology dramatically reduces bacteria and dust, making your home or workplace a much healthier place to be. We offer carefully selected, vetted and trained staff and the support of proactive managers who uphold the highest quality assurance and communication standards. We set performance targets, quality control measures and management response actions to ensure our high service levels are always maintained.

Shiners Facility Services

Our Core Values

Reliability –

We promise in maintaining the trust and the quality in work we provide wherever we go.

Commitment –

We commit ourselves to provide the best expected service all the time with care and honesty.

Efficiency –

Our services prove the highest output whenever you require with the highest efficiency you could expect.

Environmentalism –

We make sure to always be environmental friendly so that our work contribute towards the nature.

Our Mission

To inspire people to maintain clean environments that bring happiness, joy and motivation through enhanced value in customer care.

Our Vision

To be the best icon in the cleaning industry providing outstanding assistance in presenting a spotless job to any place requested.


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ISO 45001 : 2018

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PAS99 : 2012


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